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Video Autumn Ride XCO

International Mountainbike Cross Country / Obertraun

Autumn Ride XCO

National Team's technical training camp


National Team's technical training camp


The Austrian National Team's technical training camp 2014 took place at Austria's first and only Mountain Bike Cross Country sports facility at World Cup level. Great riders like Lisi Osl, Alban Lakata, Charly Markt, Lisa Mitterbauer, Gregor Raggl, Felix Ritzinger or Nadja Heil (among them were several Austrian National Champions, Starters at Olympia 2012 and a European Champion) were really impressed by the Bike Arena's quality.

Bike Arena Pump Track


Bike Arena Pump Track


Starting with 2015 the Bike Arena Pump Track offers another attractive training option to everyone. A great parcours for all age groups was built at 1.000 m2 in the area of the National Sports and Recreation Centre Obertraun. No matter if you use it for technical practice or just for fun - you will love it. 

NSRC Obertraun Bike Arena - The Trail is the Adventure


Bike Arena


Located in the heart of the Salzkammergut, with its more than 1,500 km of mountain bike routes, the National Sports and Recreation Centre Obertraun offers mountain bikers a very special sports facility that is unique in Austria and Central Europe: The Bike Arena. In striking distance of a well developed infrastructure for athletes and sports enthusiasts, there is an all-season high level cross country track which is available for both, amateurs and professionals. No matter if it's a day trip, a technique training or an international competition, the Bike Arena offers technically sophisticated and demanding passages for all riders. The stunning landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Dachstein-Salzkammergut makes the combination of sports and first-rate accommodation at the National Sports and Recreation Centre Obertraun perfect. The Bike Arena is an excellent place for training camps, employment incentives or bike holidays – Following the slogan: The Trail is the Adventure.



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